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At GTN Services, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of Mobile Device Management (MDM) services that empower organizations to manage their mobile devices with unparalleled efficiency and security. Our services encompass a variety of cutting-edge MDM software solutions, including SOTI, Maas360, Intune, and Scalefusion. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have the right MDM solution to meet your unique needs.

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Android Zero-touch Enrollment

Enroll Android devices over the air with Our recommended MDM solution & Google’s Android Zero-touch. Apply corporate policies & configurations in bulk without manually manoeuvring the devices. Configure devices loaded with business apps & enable employees to start using them straight out of the box.

Apple DEP Enrollment

Extend a seamless unboxing experience for iOS and macOS devices. With Our recommended MDM solution for Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) enrollment, empower IT admins to enroll, configure & equip the devices using Apple Business Manager. Apply corporate policies, configure restrictions, distribute apps using VPP (Volume Purchase Program) & ship devices directly from the warehouse to employees.

Samsung KME-based Enrollment

Samsung Knox streamlines enrollment of Samsung devices with KME-based enrollment. Integrated with Our recommended MDM solution, easily roll out policy configurations & automatically enroll devices in bulk. End-users can start using devices with pre-applied policies & restrictions.

AT GTN Services We Support the Following MDM Solutions


Scalefusion provides a unified platform for managing various devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It simplifies the MDM process, enhances device security, and offers customization

Microsoft Intune​

Microsoft Intune is your go-to MDM solution for organizations that rely on Microsoft services. This cloud-based service offers end-to-end security and management for your mobile devices. With Intune, you can enforce security policies, manage apps, and protect sensitive data.


SOTI is a leading MDM solution that ensures the security and productivity of your mobile devices. With SOTI, you can manage, secure, and support your mobile devices across various platforms. It offers robust features, including remote device management, app deployment, and comprehensive security controls.


Maas360 simplifies mobile device management for businesses of all sizes. It provides a user-friendly platform for managing mobile devices, ensuring data protection, and enhancing productivity. Maas360 offers seamless integration, app management, and real-time visibility into device health.

Why Choose GTN Services for Your MDM Needs?


Our team of MDM experts is well-versed in deploying and managing various MDM solutions. We can help you choose the right software and tailor it to your organization's requirements.


We understand that your organization may grow and evolve. Our MDM solutions are scalable, ensuring they can adapt to your changing needs.


GTN Solutions is committed to providing top-notch customer support. We are available to assist you at every step, from implementation to ongoing support.


Security is paramount in today's digital landscape. Our MDM services are designed to protect your data and devices from potential threats.


We offer competitive pricing, making MDM solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Join Us in Fortifying Your Mobile Environment

In today’s digitally-driven workplace, managing and securing mobile devices and endpoints is essential. At GTN Services, we are honored to be your partner in securing your mobile environment. Together, we’ll protect your organization, its data, and its employees.
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